2 May 2017

The Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala always brings with it a fair share of drama, because, well, the fashion is audacious! This year the theme was Comme des Garçons, and whilst some attendees adhered to the dress code, others barely acknowledged it. Nevertheless, here are my favourite looks from the highly publicised event.

1. Jourdan Dunn in a custom H&M dress
This deconstructed shirt dress is stunning! Paying homage to the Comme des Garçons aesthetic and subverting what is a fairly traditional outfit (a white shirt and pinstripe skirt), Miss Dunn brought edge out of simplicity. Everything about the whole look is amazing- the makeup, the hair, everything! For me, it's one of my favourite overall looks of the night.

Having to include a close-up because her face is stunning!

2. Rihanna in Comme des Garçons
Extra brownie points go to Rihanna for a) dressing to the theme, and b) pulling off what could easily have become an overpowering ensemble. She carried the dress (if we can call it that!) well, and the whole look is well formulated. The hairstyle is great, I love the pink around her eyes which really brings out an oriental vibe, and the shoes- obsessed! 


7 August 2016

The Good Stuff #12

1. Bad- Tiwa Savage ft Wizkid
Currently on replay on my phone is the latest single from Nigerian artists Tiwa Savage and Wizkid.

2. Views from The Shard
I went for dinner at Hutong in The Shard and aside from the tasty Chinese food, the views were pretty amazing too, especially those from the toilets (trust me)!

3. People-watching at the South Bank
One of my favourite places in the city is the South Bank, especially in the summer. The events, the river and the city skyline combine to create an area that's so atmospheric, and you know I'm all about vibes!

4. A Saturday spent at home in the garden
Finally! I spent Saturday at home laying in the garden reading magazines and listening to music. It was delightful.

5. Persian tea
I'm not a huge tea drinker but one type of tea that I will rarely say no to is Persian tea. Having been introduced to it by an Iranian friend from university, I now seize every opportunity I have to drink a glass or two of the delicate tasting black tea.

31 July 2016

The Good Stuff #11

1. Ludovico Einaudi
I was lucky enough to go to the last night of Ludvico Einaudi's tour in London called Elements and I can honestly say it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. It was incredible seeing the skill with which the instrumentalists played, using no words at all to convey a story and emotion so vividly.

2.  New notebooks for work
I got some new notebooks from Paperchase for work and they have definitely made writing down my notes that much more fun; I mean colourful pears as a cover design- what's not to love?!

3.  Heal's furniture
How much is too much for a sofa? I saw and sat in what is probably the most comfortable sofa I've ever sat on in Heals and I've pretty much already claimed it for my future home. It's price tag is pretty hefty, costing just under £7000, but I tell you, it was so comfortable.

Cumulus Right Hand Facing Corner Sofa

4. Weleda deoderant
I've tried a few natural deodorants in the past, and this Weleda Rose scented spray is a recent purchase that I'm enjoying using. On days when it's not particularly warm or I'm not doing anything strenuous and sweat inducing, I find it to be a nice mild deodorant that keeps my underarms feeling (and smelling) fresh!

5.  Pipers crisps
I love trying different brands of crisps and this past week, I tried Pipers crisps for the first time and was presently surprised. They were very flavourful and great-tasting.

24 July 2016

The Good Stuff #10

Soaring temperatures has meant that this week felt particularly summery and vacation-like, however, instead of feeling relaxed, a few bumps in the road had me feeling somewhat drained and frustrated. Nevertheless, some good food and a fun mehndi night party on Saturday picked up my spirits and made up for the week's earlier misgivings. Here are the things that helped make this week good.

1. Three days straight of warm temperatures and sunshine
...and accordingly, lunch al-fresco

2. One day with a super smooth commute 
...which was then followed by two days of horrible travel. Sigh, the irony in life.

3. Delicious okra
One man's food is another man's poison right? This is usually people's response to seeing okra, or as some people know it, ladies' fingers. The green vegetable when cut and boiled results in a slimy silky texture, which on the surface may seem unappetizing, but I tell you, when you get some fresh okra and you combine it with a peppery tomato stew, all of life's problems just melt away as the delicious flavours hit your taste buds.  

4.  A great issue of Stylist
One of my favourite things about Wednesday is Stylist magazine. I found this week's issue to be a particularly good one. The cover story with Matt Damon was interesting, the clothes featured were great finds, and the feature stories were delightful reads.                                                                                                                                                          

 5. Mehndi Night Party
Summer time equals wedding season, and I spent Saturday evening at a beautiful Asian pre-wedding ceremony called a mehndi night. It was a lavish affair with lots of amazing outfits, dancing, great food, and magical lanterns which all made for a lovely evening.

17 July 2016

The Good Stuff #bumper edition

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a ‘The Good Stuff’ feature, mainly because something very exciting has happened recently which has taken my attention away from the blog! A few weeks ago, I became an aunty! As such, my days have been spent cooing over the new baby and marveling at what is undoubtedly nothing short of a miracle. Whilst that has been a major highlight of life recently, that’s not to say that other good stuff hasn’t happened, so I’m going to give a quick round up of all the lovely things that have made the last few weeks enjoyable.

I’d love to know some of the ‘good stuff’ that's been happening in your world too! Let me know via the comments section.

1. NW by Zadie Smith
I've wanted to read some of Zadie Smith's novels for some time, as several people I've spoken to speak highly of them. I decided to start with NW as its focus on London (specifically the north-west area), was an aspect I found particularly intriguing. Having finished the book, I can honestly say, Zadie captures the voices and tone of Londoners so well. The voices of the characters all felt so familiar, vivid and authentic, making it feel as though I was right in the heart of north west London, overhearing conversations taking place around me.

2. Blackstreet ft. Mya- Take Me There
Whilst at work, this song randomly popped into my head and I can honestly say, listening to it made my entire week! Hearing it brought back such good memories of my childhood and it was so nice seeing the style of music videos from the 90s!  

3. This jacket from Zara
I shouldn't have, but I did! I saw this jacket in Zara as I was queuing up, and I just had to abandon my spot to try it on. The leaf detailing is so beautiful, and the mesh material softens the toughness of the bomber silhouette. I am so glad I bought it. I can definitely see myself wearing it with a black strappy top and some jeans for a laid-back dinner in the West End. 

4. 4th Estate x The Guardian and Abiola Oni
75, the short story from  Abiola Oni (winner of 4th Estate and The Guardian's short story competition), presents a dystopian world that you wish you could read more about! Click here to read it.

5. 8 Simple Rules reruns
Forever one of my favourite Disney Channel shows, 8 Simple Rules has recently been coming on on 5Star and needless to say, it has been put on series link to record. The Hennessey family are hilarious.

7. Moin Moin
Moin Moin - a Nigerian dish made by steaming black-eye beans with spices -  is one of my absolute favourite foods, however, it's a definite labour-of-love kind of dish as it takes a good few hours to make. Due to its long preparation time, I rarely cook it, and so this week when my mum made a delicious batch, I felt particularly joyous. Good food feeds the soul! 

8. Good Girl Gone Bad
This was one of my most played albums back in 2007/8 with the album's title track often serving as the source for the many quotes I use in everyday conversation!

9. Ciro's Pomodoro
My sister went to a friend's birthday dinner which was held at Ciro's Pomodoro and she came home raving about how good the food was, so much so that a few days later she insisted that my mum and I try the place. I can indeed confirm that the food is very tasty! The restaurant is a small spot situated in a basement in Knightsbridge, but the live music, fun atmosphere and delicious Italian food makes up for the slightly cramped quarters.

10. A Saturday spent catching up on Grey's Anatomy & The Good Wife
As I mentioned earlier, much of my free time at the weekend is spent chilling with my nephew and his parents or catching up with friends, and whilst this is great, it does also mean that I've been unable to have some much needed R&R. This weekend though, I had some time to to myself and used it for watching the latest seasons of Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife in my pajamas, because, well, sometimes you just need to have a lazy day.

4 June 2016

La Pochette- my new favourite bag accessory


You all know that Longchamp’s Le Pliage bag is my everyday tote bag of choice, and whilst I frequently extol its virtues, there is one small aspect of the bag that is challenging, that being its lack of compartments. The bag is pretty much just open space, and when you’ve got many little things that you carry around daily, it’s easy for things to get lost in the heap. In comes la pochette! When I was purchasing my newest Le Pliage from Longchamp's flagship store on Regent Street, I was recommended the pouch from a sales advisor and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life! It’s almost a necessary accessory to accompany the Le Pliage bags, especially the larger versions.

The pouch is available in a range of colours to coordinate with your bag, however, I opted for this year’s limited edition Néo Fantaisie design. I use it to hold all my small daily essentials such as hand cream, lip balms, pens and hair bands. It’s such a great, practical bag accessory and I can’t recommend it strongly enough! 

29 May 2016

The Good Stuff #9

1. Mansur Gavriel Lookbook Photos
I came across the Mansur Gavriel AW15 lookbook recently (I know, I know, I'm late to the party!) and I fell in love with the photos. It's such a beautiful editorial to look at, and really encapsulates the brand's focus on the product rather than logos and major signifiers. The model in the photo is merely an accessory with the bag taking center stage- love it!

2. Birthday Cake!
Part of the reason I love birthdays is because of the presence of birthday cake to celebrate the occasion. This 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate concoction is a particular favourite of mine and I enjoyed a good few slices!

3. Lucky Exchange
The odds were definitely in my favour this week when I managed to exchange a jacket from Zara for my correct size which just happened to be the last one in stock! 

4. Serendipitous moments
Whilst walking along Oxford Street I bumped into an old friend from college who I haven't seen in many years! It was so nice to see a familiar face amongst the crowd. 

5. Lunch hour in the sun
A Friday afternoon in which there is sunshine calls for lunch in the park, and that's exactly what I did; the sun against my skin felt divine!

25 May 2016

Dungaree Love

A few things that remind me vividly of my childhood and stir up feelings of nostalgia include tamagotchis, jelly shoes and dungarees. Whilst the return of jelly shoes didn’t have me darting to Oxford Street to claim a pair, the re-emergence of dungarees recently has had me wanting to rock the denim overalls in more ways than one; although, now being a fully grown woman (kind of), the fit is of slightly more importance than it was when I was five years old. Here are my top picks which I’m sure will be making an appearance in my wardrobe soon for days gallivanting in the sunshine (should it choose to reappear in London sometime soon). Enjoy!

1. River Island (via Asos) Black Dungaree. £48

2. River Island (via Asos) Distressed Dungaree. £48

3. Lee (via Zalando) Bib Logger Dungarees, Authentic Blue. £109.95

22 May 2016

The Good Stuff #8

This week seems to have whizzed by. There's been lots going on which has left me feeling worn out, but a weekend spent at home has been enough to boost my energy. Here are a few things that have made this week good.

1. Receiving a congratulatory email
I started a new job recently and an old colleague sent me a short note congratulating me on my new position. It was so unexpected and such a sweet gesture- one that I hope to pay forward to others in future.

2. African Snacks
When I tire of Kettle Chips and cookies (which is hardly ever, but still...) I find my snack cravings are calmed by plantain chips (my preferred brand being OluOlu). The plantain is a nice change from potato and the heat from the chilli adds a nice hint of spice!

3. Architectural Digest's AD Visits series 
Pretty much a fancier MTV Cribs, Architectural Digest's YouTube videos have become my new favourite thing. Aside from allowing us to glimpse into other people's homes, it's also great looking at the gorgeously designed interiors and hearing about the work that went into creating dream spaces.

4. Having dinner made for you
I underrated how amazing this is as a child, but I now treasure the days when I don't have to cook dinner after a long day and can instead have a delicious meal made for me. Bliss.

5. Family Time
I spent the weekend relaxing at home with my family which was lovely. With busy schedules and living in different cities to contend with, it's lovely when we can all come together and hang out.

21 May 2016

Wear heels for what?!

You've probably heard in the news recently about the lady- Nicola Thorp- who, after failing to wear high heeled shoes to work, was sent home. When I heard this story I was shocked; could this really be true? Could a company really make it mandatory for females to wear high heels? I mean finding a decent pair of shoes that fit well and are comfortable is a feat in itself, let alone having to factor in a 2-4 inch heel requirement...

There's no doubt that wearing formal shoes to work can make employees look polished and add to the professional vibe of an office, but surely high heels aren't the only way to achieve this. As such, I've rounded up a few pairs of formal flats which (depending of course on which industry and sort of work environment you work in) could be potential footwear options that balance style with practicality.

I'd love to know, what style of shoe do you wear to work or for job interviews? 

1. Zara Nude Slippers with Tassels. £29.99

2. Office Result Kitty Tassel Point Pumps. £65

3. Hobbs Stefania Loafer. £125

4. Kurt Geiger  KG 'Kookie' Loafers. £120

5. Office Dapper Trim Loafers. £65

Bonus finds

6. Kurt Geiger Carvela 'Lauren' Black Flat Loafers. £89, £59

7. Zara Loafers. £29.99

8. Reiss Edie Point Toe Black Flats. £130

9.  Dune (via Asos) Loris Black Brogue Flat Shoes. £69