25 May 2016

Dungaree Love

A few things that remind me vividly of my childhood and stir up feelings of nostalgia include tamagotchis, jelly shoes and dungarees. Whilst the return of jelly shoes didn’t have me darting to Oxford Street to claim a pair, the re-emergence of dungarees recently has had me wanting to rock the denim overalls in more ways than one; although, now being a fully grown woman (kind of), the fit is of slightly more importance than it was when I was five years old. Here are my top picks which I’m sure will be making an appearance in my wardrobe soon for days gallivanting in the sunshine (should it choose to reappear in London sometime soon). Enjoy!

1. River Island (via Asos) Black Dungaree. £48

2. River Island (via Asos) Distressed Dungaree. £48

3. Lee (via Zalando) Bib Logger Dungarees, Authentic Blue. £109.95


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2016

    I remember our childhood jelly love lol it was about the same time we were crazy about spice girls lol and now they have children almost my age. Time really flies and I love how fashion evolves in a circle :).. Oyinkan

    1. I know, all the things we wore as children are coming back into fashion, it's so funny! We get to relive our childhood through fashion!