15 May 2016

The Good Stuff #7

Discovering things, both old and new has been what's characterized this week for me. It's been great uncovering new gems and rediscovering old favourites. Here's what's been good this week.

1. Crush

A friend of mine asked me check out this new song by Malaysian singer Yuna and I'm so glad I did. Aside from the beautifully mellow vibe and silky soft vocals, the video is beautifully shot. Directed by Daniel Carberry, the video elevates the song's story and is so pleasing to the eye that I've watched it a good few times!

2. Chasing the Stars
So I'm a little bit older than the target 'young adult' market for Malorie Blackman's latest novel Chasing the Stars, but I mean it was a given that I would read it considering Malorie Blackman was one of my favourite authors growing up, and the novel is inspired by Shakespeare's Othello- one of my favourite plays.

3. Dinner with an old friend
A friend from out of town who I haven't seen in over a year visited London this weekend and we spent a good few hours catching up over dinner at NAC in Mayfair. The food was decent, company much better. 

Grilled cajun chicken with corn & tomatoes

4. Sharing a moment with a fellow commuter
Whilst waiting on the platform for a train, I caught a man casually drop his piece of gum on the floor just before the doors shut. He didn't know I saw him and when he caught my eye, we both laughed as he looked like a child who'd just been caught doing something naughty. It was a funny moment that lightened up what is often a mundane part of the day. 

5. Pocahontas
Disney's Pocahantas was on TV this weekend and it was so nice to revisit a movie from my childhood.

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