22 May 2016

The Good Stuff #8

This week seems to have whizzed by. There's been lots going on which has left me feeling worn out, but a weekend spent at home has been enough to boost my energy. Here are a few things that have made this week good.

1. Receiving a congratulatory email
I started a new job recently and an old colleague sent me a short note congratulating me on my new position. It was so unexpected and such a sweet gesture- one that I hope to pay forward to others in future.

2. African Snacks
When I tire of Kettle Chips and cookies (which is hardly ever, but still...) I find my snack cravings are calmed by plantain chips (my preferred brand being OluOlu). The plantain is a nice change from potato and the heat from the chilli adds a nice hint of spice!

3. Architectural Digest's AD Visits series 
Pretty much a fancier MTV Cribs, Architectural Digest's YouTube videos have become my new favourite thing. Aside from allowing us to glimpse into other people's homes, it's also great looking at the gorgeously designed interiors and hearing about the work that went into creating dream spaces.

4. Having dinner made for you
I underrated how amazing this is as a child, but I now treasure the days when I don't have to cook dinner after a long day and can instead have a delicious meal made for me. Bliss.

5. Family Time
I spent the weekend relaxing at home with my family which was lovely. With busy schedules and living in different cities to contend with, it's lovely when we can all come together and hang out.


  1. Where can I find more of theres chips?! I've looked everywhere!

    1. They're great, right?! I usually get them from Afro/Caribbean food stores in and around London, but I'm pretty sure you can also find them online. Hope that helps!