21 May 2016

Wear heels for what?!

You've probably heard in the news recently about the lady- Nicola Thorp- who, after failing to wear high heeled shoes to work, was sent home. When I heard this story I was shocked; could this really be true? Could a company really make it mandatory for females to wear high heels? I mean finding a decent pair of shoes that fit well and are comfortable is a feat in itself, let alone having to factor in a 2-4 inch heel requirement...

There's no doubt that wearing formal shoes to work can make employees look polished and add to the professional vibe of an office, but surely high heels aren't the only way to achieve this. As such, I've rounded up a few pairs of formal flats which (depending of course on which industry and sort of work environment you work in) could be potential footwear options that balance style with practicality.

I'd love to know, what style of shoe do you wear to work or for job interviews? 

1. Zara Nude Slippers with Tassels. £29.99

2. Office Result Kitty Tassel Point Pumps. £65

3. Hobbs Stefania Loafer. £125

4. Kurt Geiger  KG 'Kookie' Loafers. £120

5. Office Dapper Trim Loafers. £65

Bonus finds

6. Kurt Geiger Carvela 'Lauren' Black Flat Loafers. £89, £59

7. Zara Loafers. £29.99

8. Reiss Edie Point Toe Black Flats. £130

9.  Dune (via Asos) Loris Black Brogue Flat Shoes. £69

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