24 July 2016

The Good Stuff #10

Soaring temperatures has meant that this week felt particularly summery and vacation-like, however, instead of feeling relaxed, a few bumps in the road had me feeling somewhat drained and frustrated. Nevertheless, some good food and a fun mehndi night party on Saturday picked up my spirits and made up for the week's earlier misgivings. Here are the things that helped make this week good.

1. Three days straight of warm temperatures and sunshine
...and accordingly, lunch al-fresco

2. One day with a super smooth commute 
...which was then followed by two days of horrible travel. Sigh, the irony in life.

3. Delicious okra
One man's food is another man's poison right? This is usually people's response to seeing okra, or as some people know it, ladies' fingers. The green vegetable when cut and boiled results in a slimy silky texture, which on the surface may seem unappetizing, but I tell you, when you get some fresh okra and you combine it with a peppery tomato stew, all of life's problems just melt away as the delicious flavours hit your taste buds.  

4.  A great issue of Stylist
One of my favourite things about Wednesday is Stylist magazine. I found this week's issue to be a particularly good one. The cover story with Matt Damon was interesting, the clothes featured were great finds, and the feature stories were delightful reads.                                                                                                                                                          

 5. Mehndi Night Party
Summer time equals wedding season, and I spent Saturday evening at a beautiful Asian pre-wedding ceremony called a mehndi night. It was a lavish affair with lots of amazing outfits, dancing, great food, and magical lanterns which all made for a lovely evening.

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