17 July 2016

The Good Stuff #bumper edition

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a ‘The Good Stuff’ feature, mainly because something very exciting has happened recently which has taken my attention away from the blog! A few weeks ago, I became an aunty! As such, my days have been spent cooing over the new baby and marveling at what is undoubtedly nothing short of a miracle. Whilst that has been a major highlight of life recently, that’s not to say that other good stuff hasn’t happened, so I’m going to give a quick round up of all the lovely things that have made the last few weeks enjoyable.

I’d love to know some of the ‘good stuff’ that's been happening in your world too! Let me know via the comments section.

1. NW by Zadie Smith
I've wanted to read some of Zadie Smith's novels for some time, as several people I've spoken to speak highly of them. I decided to start with NW as its focus on London (specifically the north-west area), was an aspect I found particularly intriguing. Having finished the book, I can honestly say, Zadie captures the voices and tone of Londoners so well. The voices of the characters all felt so familiar, vivid and authentic, making it feel as though I was right in the heart of north west London, overhearing conversations taking place around me.

2. Blackstreet ft. Mya- Take Me There
Whilst at work, this song randomly popped into my head and I can honestly say, listening to it made my entire week! Hearing it brought back such good memories of my childhood and it was so nice seeing the style of music videos from the 90s!  

3. This jacket from Zara
I shouldn't have, but I did! I saw this jacket in Zara as I was queuing up, and I just had to abandon my spot to try it on. The leaf detailing is so beautiful, and the mesh material softens the toughness of the bomber silhouette. I am so glad I bought it. I can definitely see myself wearing it with a black strappy top and some jeans for a laid-back dinner in the West End. 

4. 4th Estate x The Guardian and Abiola Oni
75, the short story from  Abiola Oni (winner of 4th Estate and The Guardian's short story competition), presents a dystopian world that you wish you could read more about! Click here to read it.

5. 8 Simple Rules reruns
Forever one of my favourite Disney Channel shows, 8 Simple Rules has recently been coming on on 5Star and needless to say, it has been put on series link to record. The Hennessey family are hilarious.

7. Moin Moin
Moin Moin - a Nigerian dish made by steaming black-eye beans with spices -  is one of my absolute favourite foods, however, it's a definite labour-of-love kind of dish as it takes a good few hours to make. Due to its long preparation time, I rarely cook it, and so this week when my mum made a delicious batch, I felt particularly joyous. Good food feeds the soul! 

8. Good Girl Gone Bad
This was one of my most played albums back in 2007/8 with the album's title track often serving as the source for the many quotes I use in everyday conversation!

9. Ciro's Pomodoro
My sister went to a friend's birthday dinner which was held at Ciro's Pomodoro and she came home raving about how good the food was, so much so that a few days later she insisted that my mum and I try the place. I can indeed confirm that the food is very tasty! The restaurant is a small spot situated in a basement in Knightsbridge, but the live music, fun atmosphere and delicious Italian food makes up for the slightly cramped quarters.

10. A Saturday spent catching up on Grey's Anatomy & The Good Wife
As I mentioned earlier, much of my free time at the weekend is spent chilling with my nephew and his parents or catching up with friends, and whilst this is great, it does also mean that I've been unable to have some much needed R&R. This weekend though, I had some time to to myself and used it for watching the latest seasons of Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife in my pajamas, because, well, sometimes you just need to have a lazy day.

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